— Культура гибкой упаковки .
Let's start working

1. One of the leaders in the packaging industry.
The experience, the history and traditions of our company allow us to make all the needs of our customers come true. We care about customers, providing a packaging quality , introducing modern technology in the production process.

2. The operations
Our equipment provides a full cycle of processing for the production of flexible packaging: the design creation and adaptation, printing, laminating, cutting, coating and others.

3. Equipment
Pressroom has seven machines flexographic and gravure printing machine, printing up to 10 colours.

Finishes has laminating, cutting, parafinators. Our company also has a set of equipment for the creation of flexo plates to reduce the time of production.
We try to protect its clients against the risks with the need to move the order from one printing machine to another. Our equipment is duplicated to avoid such complications.

In 2013, the company developed a new standard for flexo printing - HD-flexo technology.

4. Direct supply of raw materials

Our company get raw materials from well-known certified suppliers. We are the largest consumer of materials that's why guarantee stable supply of raw materials and competitive prices for our customers.

5. Technical Customer Support

R & D experts with sales managers visit the customer to select a suitable material for the equipment with good technical and commercial characteristics

6. Availability of Research & Development
The company's specialists are studying the modern world experience to offer best decisions