— Культура гибкой упаковки .
By Application

Grains, spices, salt, sugar, pasta, milk, etc.

Packaging for grocery has a durable welded seam because of dust and bulk products in it.

Materials: PE, BOPP + CastPP, BOPP / PET + paper + PE, PET + BOPPmet + PE, BOPP + BOPPmet.


resistance from puncture and tear;
- good transparency;
- great barrier for moisture;
- excellent sliding.


Chocolate candy, candy, sweets, cookies, waffles, rolls etc.

Materials:. BOPPmet / pearl, BOPP + BOPP / BOPPmet / BOPPperl, a PET + BOPPmet, release + BOPPmet + cold seal, Pap + paraffin, of BOPP / PET + Al, BOPPrel + BOPP + CS, Pap +AL / BOPPmet., Composite-17, Composite-17 +, Polyphane, PVC.

- gas barrier, light
barrier , smell and fat barrier;
twist effect;
joint strength;
- attractive appearance.

Fat and oil

Mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, oil, etc.

Fat products contains fats, vinegar, acids, etc.. It
is necessary to use materials with excellent barrier properties and hermetic to create good conditions for storage of the product .

Materials: PET + PE, PET + AL + PET + PE, PET + Al / PE + PET, Al + paper, Al + paper + PE.

- barrier for fat, light, oxygen;
- resistance from aggressive components;
- strength.



Сheese, condensed milk, yogurt, ice cream and t.d.Tvorog

Ice cream and dairy products have a limited shelf life, so the package should help to keep the product fresh for as long as possible.

Materials:. BOPP + BOPPmet / pearls, Al + paper, Al + paper + PE, PET / AL + Thermovarnish, Al + PET + Thermovarnish, Pap + PET + Thermovarnish, Al + PE + Paper + PE, Release + BOPP perl. / mat. / met. + Cold seal


- barrier for fat, oxygen, light and moisture;
- frost;
- attractive appearance.
Coffee and tea

Tea and coffee must be packed in impermeable packaging with protection from sunlight.

Tea: BOPP + BOPPmet, Pap + BOPPmet, PET + BOPP

Coffee: PET + Al / Pap + PE, BOPP + BOPPmet, PET + Al + PE, PET + BOPPmet / PETmet + PE

- smell
barrier, gas barrier, moisture barrier, and light barrier.
- weld strength.


Water, beer, soft drinks, kvass, etc.

Juices and drinks are bottled in containers of PET, PVC and glass with wrap label.

Materials:. BOPP / BOPPperl / BOPP met, BOPP + BOPPmet, PVC shrink.

Features: abrasion resistance; high gloss; excellent sliding.

Snacks and fast food

Chips, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cereals, instant soups, cereals, pasta, spices, etc.

Snacks contain fat, protein, sugar and vitamins.

Packaging materials must have high barrier properties
to prevent spoilage of foods sensitive to environmental factors.

Materials: PET + BOPPmet + PE, BOPP + BOPPmet / PET met + PE, PET + Al + PE, PET + BOPPmet, BOPP + BOPPperl, PET + paper + PE, PE + Paper.

- high gas barrier;
attractive appearance;

Frozen food

Frozen vegetables, seafood, ready dishes, fish and other products.

Packing for the frozen products have special barrier properties. The packaging material must be stable for a long storage at low temperatures.

Properties of the material should ensure that no smell  especially in the packaging of frozen seafood.

Materials: BOPP / PET + PE, PE, BOPP + BOPP

- high barrier from smell, gas, light and moisture;
resistance from puncture;
stability at low temperatures.

Household chemicals and personal hygiene

Washing powder, soap, cleaning products, wipes, soap, cosmetics, etc.

Household chemical goods must be packed in hermetic packs, do not absorb moisture, light and smell. The packaging should be tight and resistant to tear and puncture.

Materials: BOPP / PET + PE, PET + BOPP / BOPPmet. + PE, PE + PE, PET + Al + PE

- high puncture resistance;
- resistance to chemical agents;
- good quality weld;
- attractive appearance;
- resistant print to abrasion.

Pet food

Wet food: PET + Al + CPP
Dry pet food: PET + PE, PET + PETmet + PE / CPP, PET + Al + PE / CPP


- high fat barrier properties, smell, gas, light;
- good quality weld;
- resistance to sterilization;
- resistance from
puncture .