— Культура гибкой упаковки .
Свойства упаковки:
барьер по свету, водяному пару, жиру, газу и запаху, прочный сварной шов
Snacks and fast food

Chips, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cereals, instant soups, cereals, pasta, spices, etc.

Snacks contain fat, protein, sugar and vitamins.

Packaging materials must have high barrier properties
to prevent spoilage of foods sensitive to environmental factors.

Materials: PET + BOPPmet + PE, BOPP + BOPPmet / PET met + PE, PET + Al + PE, PET + BOPPmet, BOPP + BOPPperl, PET + paper + PE, PE + Paper.

- high gas barrier;
attractive appearance;